Water Pumps for Ford Ranger

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Ford Ranger Water Pumps

Your Ford Ranger is a mix of different systems that must work together in order to function properly. The cooling system is just one aspect of that, but it is important in its own right. If the water pump on your Ford Ranger model is broken, the cooling system will suffer.

What is a cooling system on a Ford Ranger?

The cooling system on your Ford Ranger cools and maintains the temperature of the engine when it is running. It consists of coolant fluids, a water pump, a thermostat, a radiator, a radiator cap, plumbing, hoses, and passages within the motor. It couples with a heating system that kicks in when the outside temperature is too cold.

What is the water pump on a Ford Ranger?

Each part of the cars cooling system works together to ensure that the engine does not overheat, but the water pump is the center of the process. The Ford Ranger water pump circulates the coolant between the motor and the radiator and consists of many gaskets and seals to keep that fluid contained. It is powered by the vehicles drive belt. There is a metal or plastic impeller with blades inside the pump that pushes the water through it.

What are signs of a failing Ford Ranger water pump?

If your Ford pickup is having problems with its water pump, the cooling system will not keep the temperature of the motor in a safe range. If the engine is too hot for too long, it will overheat and self-destruct. If you experience any of the following issues on your truck, you should have the cooling system checked in order to prevent further damage.

  • Coolant leak - If there is a coolant leak (usually red or green in color) under the front of your truck, there is likely a leak in your pump that can possibly be resolved with an easy fix.
  • Loud, whining noise - One cause of a loud, whining noise from the front of your Ford Ranger truck can be loose bearings from inside the pump. If these completely fail, the water pump will need to be fully replaced.
  • Overheating engine - While many aspects of the cooling system could be to blame for this, the water pump may be damaged or have failed. If the problem is not located in a timely manner, it can result in further damage to the engine and the parts surrounding it.
How long should a Rangers water pump last?

The Rangers water pump is designed to last for around 100,000 miles, but it can experience issues before then. Regular wear and tear on its parts, like the gaskets or seals, can cause it to function improperly. Fixing those at the first sign of damage will help to keep the pump on your Ford Ranger working to its intended expectancy.