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Finding The Right Water Pump For a Toyota Corolla

Your car is overheating, so maybe its time for a new water pump. Preventing excess heat from building up under the hood helps to preserve your engine and other essential systems.

What Does a Water Pump Do In Your Car?

  • Internal combustion engines and moving car parts generate a lot of heat, which can be bad for the long-term health of your Toyota Corolla. To prevent heat from building up, the working parts have to be cooled. Engines are cooled using a mixture of water and other chemicals, so it wont freeze in cold weather and also helps to prevent rusting inside the pipes.
  • The water pump is the heart of the cooling system. It uses an impeller to drive coolant around the engine. The engine water then flows through hoses to the radiator. Once there, it is transferred to the cold air flowing over the metal.
  • The pump is driven by an auxiliary timing belt connected to the crankshaft pulley. This ensures that the harder the engine is working, the more water the pump moves to cool it down.

What Can Go Wrong With a Water Pump?

  • Seals, gaskets, and O-rings can wear out over time. If you spot coolant leaking from your car, this is a sign that its time for a repair or replacement.
  • Moving parts like the rotor are also prone to wearing out. If you often see temperature warnings on your dash or even steam coming from the radiator, this is a big sign that there is something wrong with the water pump. Bear in mind that temperature warnings can also be a sign that there is something wrong with your thermostat.
  • The other major component that might need a repair or replacement is the timing belt. A loose belt will often make a high-pitched whine when you drive, so if you hear one there could be something wrong with the cooling system.

Do I Need an OEM Toyota Corolla Water Pump?

  • OEM parts are those made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, in this case Toyota. These Toyota Corolla water pumps are a good choice as you know that they will fit your Toyota Corolla.
  • Other manufacturers also make replacement pumps for the Toyota Corolla. Aftermarket Toyota Corolla parts have greater variety than those produced by the original manufacturer. If you want to have more choice of features than Toyota offers themselves, an aftermarket water pump replacement can be exactly the right choice.
  • High-performance custom Corollas may need more cooling than the original system can provide. Electric water pumps are a popular upgrade as they dont draw power from the crank that could otherwise reach the wheels. Oil coolers are also used to prevent the engine oil from overheating.

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