WeatherTech Car and Truck Floor Mats and Carpets

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

WeatherTech Floor Mats and Carpets for Clean and Protected Interiors

If you need a way to keep the floors of your car or truck clean after you pick up the kids from soccer practice or go for a walk in the woods with your dog, these floor mats might be just what youve been looking for. However, there are quite a few differences between the new and pre-owned WeatherTech floor mats in this eBay category, and youll want to brush up on these details before you make a final decision.

What types of back seat floor mats are there?

If your auto has a back seat area, its likely that WeatherTech floor mat packages for your model come with back seat mats. However, the inexpensive car and truck floor mats and carpets on eBay vary from model to model, and the two most commonly explored themes include:

  • Unified mats: In some cases, one single mat is used for the entire back seat. These mats start on one side of your vehicle, and they stretch all the way across to the other side. These mats come with the benefit of protecting the middle area of your autos carpets as well as the sides.
  • Separate mats: These types of mat packages feature separate mats for each side of the back seat. If you want to be able to remove your mats for cleaning with ease, these options might be right for you.
Are there mats for your cars cargo section?

Yes, WeatherTech makes mats for the cargo section of certain vehicles. If you have an SUV, its likely that WeatherTech includes cargo section mats in their mat bundles for your model of vehicle, and these mats consist of wide, thick pieces that are tailored to fit the contours of your cargo section. If you buy these mats as part of a set, they are guaranteed to match the aesthetics of the other liners in the set, which leads to a unified and coordinated look.

How do you pick the right floor mats?

Since this company makes mats for all sorts of different autos, its important that you make sure that a mat package is compatible with your vehicles specific year and model.

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