Wedding Supplies

Wedding supplies include different decorations and components for the planning process, ceremony, and reception. Each type adds to the individuality of the event, depending on your particular selections. Decorations set the tone for your special weddings theme.

What kinds of wedding supplies are there?

Supplies for weddings cover many categories of items, including venue decorations, wedding favours, flowers, petals, garlands, invitations, stationery, wedding cake toppers, centrepieces, table décor, wedding cake stands, tulle, guest books, pens, table wear, serving wear, ring pillows, and flower baskets.

What is the difference between stationery and invitations?

Both are utilized for different purposes during the process of planning a wedding. Stationery can help to create announcements, separate from invites, for letting friends and family members know that you have gotten engaged to your significant other and are planning to get married. Stationery can also be utilized after the wedding as thank you notes for presents and help planning and participating in the ceremony.

Invites play an important role in the wedding process as well. They not only let people know the logistics of your wedding and reception like location, time, and date, but allow for responses so that you know how many people to expect. Remembering to include an option for bringing a guest will help to keep track of numbers so that you can coordinate other facets of your wedding like seating and food.

What types of wedding cake stands and plates are available?

There are as many types of wedding cake stands and plates as there are designs of wedding cakes. Some plates are typically styled without any sort of stem and sit directly on the table under them. Others are designed with a single, thick stem underneath to elevate cake a few inches from the table. This might correspond well with a layered cake. Another option is a tiered stand, which has specific places for different layers of a cake. Tiers can be spread out so that guests are less confused about which flavor of cake they are selecting, especially if all of the icing patterns are consistent across tiers.

What are some common types of wedding favours?

Candles, fans, and bubbles are all common wedding favours. Different sizes of organza bags, boxes, and gift bags allow for varying these items. Different types of ribbon can also be used to make favours special and individualized for each of your guests.

What are petals utilized for?

These decorations can be used for several different purposes during a wedding and reception. Traditionally, a flower girl spreads them down the aisle as she walks toward the bride and groom. They can also be used to decorate seats, surfaces, and the floor of the reception space. You might elect to use them as confetti rather than traditional rice for guests to throw as the newly-married couple walks back up the aisle to the reception.