Wedding Supplies

Celebrate your big day with themed wedding decorations, favors, flowers, wedding supplies and reception items. Wedding decor offers many themes and colour schemes to choose from. Decor can enhance a wedding in both traditional and unique ways.

How do you look for wedding supplies?

Many couples will pick a theme or colour scheme and reinforce it by choosing individual floral decor, favors, and candles. Having your colours and theme in mind before you shop helps you narrow down the potential wedding supplies to a few options. To choose the theme for your wedding decorations, you can look at bridal magazines, wedding decoration websites, or party planning books.

  • Theme: Start by thinking about a theme for the event. Your wedding could have a Las Vegas or black-tie theme. The party theme could even be as simple as outdoor casual.
  • colours: Before you start buying wedding decorations, think about the colours you like the most. You do not have to use just one colour for your wedding decorations, and can instead use complementary or contrasting colours.
  • Decide what you need: As you figure out the colours for your wedding and reception, start writing down what decorations you need. Think about the floral supplies, candles, and table decorations that fit your budget and decoration plan.
What do you need for a wedding reception?

To get ready for your reception, look into chair covers, linens, place cards and table settings. You may also want a decorative card box for guests to leave cards for the couple. In addition, consider the guest book, centrepieces, and decorative accents that will match your special day's overall theme. Springtime weddings will likely need a lot of flowers to decorate with, for example.

What are colours fit with which seasons?

Picking a suitable colour scheme is important. Your theme and colours will determine which flowers, supplies, table arrangements, and party elements you use. The end result is a party that is harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

  • Spring: Springtime weddings look great with light greens, yellows, light blues, and ribbons. Consider using soft spring colours and fruit tree blossoms.
  • Summer: For your special day, think of bright colours like yellow, red, blue, and pink. Summer themes include beach supplies, water features and fruit arrangements.
  • Fall: Your fall table and supplies will typically have deeper colours and glass accents. Consider using cornucopias, candles, and harvest colours.
  • Winter: For a winter wedding party, consider evergreens, snowflakes, stars, and silver features.