How to find a Wedding Veil

A bridal veil is a great way to set your personal style apart on the day you get married. The type of veil you choose will depend greatly on your wedding style and venue. With so many styles and cuts available, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding a bridal veil that looks great with your dress.

What lengths do wedding veils come in?

At least nine different measurements of wedding veils are common. The veil brides choose will depend on how formal the event is and what time of day it is held. In general, the more formal the wedding, the longer the bridal veil will be. A few exceptions exist, such as choosing a birdcage veil for vintage weddings.

  • Elbow: The elbow-length style is considered to be the universal wedding veil, and it works well with most styles of bridal dresses. It is an appropriate wedding veil for informal events as well as for formal ceremonies in which brides wears full ball gowns.
  • Fingertip: The fingertip wedding veil length measures approximately 36-inches long. They are more formal than the elbow length style, yet they still allow you to see detailing on the train of the wedding dress.
  • Knee: This bridal veil style falls between the back of the knee and the calf. It is appropriate for fitted dresses and mermaid styles that do not include trains.
  • Floor: This style is approximately 72-inches long and should just brush the floor when the bride is standing. It works with sheath dresses or ball gowns.
  • Chapel and Cathedral: These are the longest styles that extend all the way to the floor. The chapel bridal veil should fall at least 6 inches past the hem of the dress. The cathedral bridal veil can be up to 144-inches long and provides an elegant look.

What are common wedding veil styles for brides?

  • Flyaway: The flyaway bridal veil reaches the shoulder and provides volume for setting off short dresses.
  • Juliet cap: This bridal look is molded to the back of the head before falling down the back. This vintage wedding veil is made of tulle and may have a ribbon edge.
  • Mantilla: The mantilla wedding veil is round with a cut edge and often has a lace edge or a beaded edge with crystals.
  • Two-tier: This usually features a shorter bridal veil, such as a blusher, along with a longer one.
  • Birdcage: This bridal veil is short and often worn with vintage wedding dresses. These wedding veils are typically made out of wide netting.