Strength Training Benches

Strength training and weight benches are a great way to bring the convenience of lifting to your home. Available in a variety of styles, strength training benches exist to help you perform a variety of exercises. Whether youre hoping to increase your max bench press weight or tone up your triceps, youre sure to find a weight bench that meets your fitness needs.

What types of weight benches are available?

Adjustable, Olympic, flat, preacher curl, combination, incline, and decline benches are some of the varieties available for workout equipment. Different types of weight benches help with different sorts of exercises. Weight benches can help you perform a wide variety of exercises, depending on what kind they are. Personal preference and space factor into style selection as well. you can use any kind of dumbbells with any bench. Most kinds of barbells rack comfortably into most benches. Make sure that the plates you get for your barbell are standard or designed to fit the bar.

When is an adjustable weight bench appropriate?

Adjustable weight benches allow for different angles of incline. Depending on which muscle groups youre trying to work, different incline heights are more or less practical. For example, a bench press requires a horizontal position. An inclined version works most effectively with an angled seat, about 45 degrees. Shoulder presses are effective when you adjust to sit upright, in a vertical position.

How much space does a weight bench take up?

This depends less on the weight bench and more on the fitness equipment you want to use with it. Free weights can take up around 35 feet of storage, while barbells will push it closer to 50 feet. The workout bench itself will probably be somewhere around 4 1/2 feet long, depending on the particular model. In addition, you want to have room to move around to switch out plates and dumbbells. Some models allow you to fold the weight bench for storage, which can drastically reduce its form factor.

What is an Olympic bench?

An Olympic bench features a slightly inclined or flat-weight bench connected to a rack. There are also options to leave the bar at multiple heights to swap out plates during a workout. Some of these benches have grips for knees and ankles on the front for increased stability.

How much weight can a weight bench handle?

This differs depending on the type. Some can handle a weight of up to 200 pounds, while others can handle a weight of 1,000 pounds or more. The design, materials, and portability all factor into how much weight it can handle. A flat bench, which is designed for bench pressing, usually holds more weight than a preacher curl.