Weird Stuff

Weird Stuff

Most people who are into weird stuff  odd art, strange cards, and bizarre accessories  have a wide range of interests. Thankfully, the world of weird stuff is almost endless. Understanding the variety of items available will help you find the right weirdness to enjoy.

What kind of weird stuff is available?

  • Goofy Chia pets: Those who love these funny plants have many different options from which they can choose. For example, many presidents are available in Chia form, including Barack Obama and even Donald Trump.
  • Inflatable furniture: While inflatable furniture often doesn't stand up to repeated stress for too many years, it can be a fun and weird way to stock a child's bedroom. It can also be a great choice for a gaming room.
  • Strange art: There is an almost infinite amount of weird stuff available in the art world. For example, some people like to collect black velvet Elvis paintings. Others get a delight out of morbid designs or surreal paintings that look great on their walls.
  • Cards for fortune telling: Tarot, the I Ching, and other forms of fortune telling are often among the most popular types of weird stuff you can find. Whether you believe in these methods or not, these cards often have intriguing artwork.
  • Sound machines: Those who like to make silly noises often enjoy noisemaking devices. These can make inappropriate fart noises or even adjust the sound of a person's voice to make them sound barely human.
  • Realistic gags: Jokers and pranksters often revel in weird stuff. For example, they may choose a realistic spider that will scare their family members.
  • Fake body functions: Some pranksters will enjoy items like fake puke as a way of grossing out their friends. In some instances, these items can even be used as props in a movie or a play.

How can this weird stuff be used?

  • For decorative purposes: Some individuals use weird things as a way of decorating their home. For example, they could hang an odd painting on the wall to create a slightly different look for their home.
  • As gifts: Many types of weird things make great gifts for children or the young at heart. Many gag items, such as fake spiders, are often great for kids to play with or to use to scare their friends and family members.
  • To add to a collection: Some types of odd stuff may be collectible. For example, some people may collect false teeth or other types of goofy gifts. They may even want these items in mint condition for their collections.