Wheel Hubs & Bearings for Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang Wheel Hubs & Bearings

Ford Mustangs are well-known sports cars that have been manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since the 1965 model year. They come in coupe and convertible styling, and they are often customized for racing on roads or on racetracks. After many years of driving your Ford Mustang, the hub or bearing on the axle and spindle assemblies may need to be replaced.

What are features of Ford Mustang wheel hubs and bearings?
  • Racing or standard driving options: The hubs and vehicle bearings are available for standard driving needs or for specialty applications such as racing. The racing wheel hubs and wheel bearings are made with thicker steel and threads for reduction of vibration when driving at high speeds.
  • Fits four- or five-lug spindles: The bearings and hubs can fit axles that require either four or five lugs on the spindles. Different model years and trim levels have different axle styles and lug requirements.
  • Made of durable through-hardened steel: The steel for the bearings and hubs is through-hardened, which helps it to withstand intense vibrations, heat, and torque when the vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed.
How do you choose Mustang wheel hubs and bearings?
  • Choose the placement on the Ford Mustang: Choose replacement wheel hubs or wheel bearings for the front drivers side or passengers side or rear drivers side or passengers side tires.
  • Select a standard or racing hub and bearing: Select bearings or hubs that are made for routine driving at typical speeds or wheel hubs or wheel bearings that are made for road racing or racing on a racetrack at top engine speeds.
  • Choose the number of lugs for the wheel assembly: Select wheel hubs that have a capacity of either four or five lugs for attaching the tire to the rim and the rim to the axle assembly of the rotors.
How do you replace Ford Mustang wheel hubs?

When a wheel bearing or hub assembly needs to be replaced, begin by putting blocks behind the tires of your Mustang while it is parked on a clean, level surface. Set the vehicles parking brake or emergency brake in order to prevent the vehicle from rolling or shifting. Lift the Mustang up on a jack or frame rail so you can slide under it as needed. Remove the lug nuts with a wrench. Use a ratchet and socket to remove the bearing caliper bolts.

Pry off the calipers. Set aside the springs, and secure them with a cord in order to prevent them from touching the brake cables. Take the rotor off the vehicle, removing the nut and washer. Use a wrench to loosen the bolts for the wheel-bearing assembly. Take off the backing plate. Use a wire brush to remove any debris. Apply grease. Replace the wheel hub and grease the wheel bearing. Reattach the wheel-bearing plate. Refasten all of the bolts, springs, and calipers for the replacement wheel hub and replacement wheel bearing in reverse order from how you removed them.