Wheel Hubs & Bearings for Ford Ranger

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Ford Ranger Wheel Hub Bearings

Wheel hub bearings are a component that keeps the wheels on your Ford Ranger spinning freely and helps it to stay secure on the road. The manual locking hubs in the Ford wheel bearings are located in all four car/truck wheels. If one goes out, you will feel it when you steer and the vehicle will shake; this is the time to get your vehicle to a mechanic.

What are common problems with Ford Ranger wheel bearings?
  • Abnormal tire wear: When these parts begin to go, tires will begin to look worn. They often dont wear out at the same time. But when one side goes out, its a good idea to go ahead and have the other replaced as well.
  • Grinding or loud roaring noise: When the part begins to fail or wear out, it can happen pretty rapidly. You will likely hear metal to metal scratching when you brake. This is caused when heat begins to build up because of the loss of grease and lubrication.
  • Vibration in the steering column: Unfortunately, the steering assembly will be affected. This will cause a shaking within the steering while driving.
  • Additional play and looseness: While this is not a very common occurrence with the bearing, it does happen. When the part goes bad, you can test the play by attempting to rock the steering column back and forth. If the assembly moves back and forth, the front wheel bearings are worn out.
What type of locking hubs are on the Ford Ranger?
  • Automatic locking hub: These hubs are used to disengage front-wheel drive when your 4-wheel drive isnt being used. It can also save on fuel costs. The biggest advantage is that the driver doesnt have to go outside to the front Ranger and manually turn the dial.
  • Manual locking hub: If you have this type of locking hub, it requires you to pull over and go outside the vehicle to switch the manual locking hubs in your Ranger from free to lock. While it can be a bit of a pain, it is the best route to go if you do heavy-duty driving.
When should you tighten Ford Ranger wheel bearings?

There are occasions when the wheel bearing needs tightening. It could all rest on the year of your Ford Ranger. If you do this, take special care to use the appropriate wrench and follow the instructions.