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Toyota Corolla Wheel Hubs and Bearings

If you have invested in a Toyota Corolla, you want it to have performance and visual appeal. Your hubs, wheels, and bearings are all important and interdependent parts when it comes to the function and appearance of your Toyota Corolla. Finding quality parts for your Toyota will keep it running and looking great for a long time.

What are Toyota Corolla bearings used for?

Your Toyota’s wheel bearings are a set of steel balls that are held together by a metal ring. The wheel bearing rides on the Corollas metal axle shaft. It fits inside the hub and is pressed into the hub from behind. Their purpose is to help your Toyota Corollas wheels spin fast and reduce friction as much as possible.

How do you know if you need new bearings?

Look out for the following signs and symptoms that your Toyota needs new bearings:

  • Vibration or wobble: If you notice your Toyota Corollas wheels vibrating or wobbling, this is an indicator of worn tires or a damaged suspension. It can also indicate that a bearing has suffered major mechanical damage.
  • Snapping, clicking, or popping: You do not want any kind of noise coming from the Toyota Corollas wheel hub. Noise can be a sign of excessive bearing and is most likely heard when you are making sharp turns.
  • Pulling when braking: If you notice an abnormal pull when you apply the brakes on your Toyota Corolla, this could mean that the bearing is severely loose. A loose bearing will cause runout, which will, in turn, cause your Corollas brakes to pull or pulsate.
What does a Toyota Corolla wheel hub assembly include?

A wheel hub assembly for your Toyota Corolla should include the hub and the bearings. To ensure you are purchasing the right type of hub assembly for your vehicle, you will need the make, model, and year of your car. You can also find it by looking up the Original Equipment Manufacturers part number for the Corolla component. This number can be located on the Toyota part itself, usually on a sticker. If you still cannot locate the part number on your Corolla, you can provide a dealership with your VIN and they can provide you with the OEM Corolla part number.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket?

When purchasing a Toyota wheel hub assembly, you will have the choice of which brands to purchase from. OEM is the same brand manufactured for your vehicle, in this case, Toyota. Aftermarket encompasses all other brands. Both have their own benefits; OEM hardware ensures the part fits correctly on your car while other brands Corolla parts can give you performance-boosting options to choose from.