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Toyota Tacoma Wheel Hubs and Bearings

Starting in 1995, Toyota Tacoma has gone through three generations of pickup truck designs, including compact models made between 1995 and 2004 and mid-sized trucks sold after 2004. Tacoma special trim packages and performance models have included TRD Extreme, Pro, Ironman, and T/X Baja. Tacoma owners can choose off-road and performance wheel and hub assemblies, wheel spacers, and additional components for replacement or customization.

Should Tacoma hub assemblies be replaced one at a time?

Factory wheel hubs and bearing assemblies for Toyota Tacoma can last 100,000 miles or longer. When wheel bearings go bad on a vehicle, owners may be tempted to replace only the part that is failing, but if one bearing or hub assembly goes bad, the other side may fail quickly. Tacoma owners may purchase single wheel hub and bearing assemblies, but replacing both left and right units for the front or rear axles will result in improved tire wear.

Are heavy-duty Tacoma hubs and bearings available?

Tacoma owners can purchase off-road wheel hubs and bearings that are designed to withstand the stress of driving on challenging roads. Toyota Racing Development, performance, off-road, or heavy-use wheel parts use steel that has been tested to withstand stress, grease manufactured to perform at high temperatures, and oversized bearings and assemblies. Wheel spacers for Toyota off-road kits are also available to adapt to your desired off-road performance.

What are wheel spacers for Toyota Tacoma?

Drivers who take their Toyota Tacoma off-road may choose to adapt their wheels with spacers because their axle is too narrow or because the wheel lacks sufficient offset for demanding off-road driving. Wheel spacers or wheel adapters should be made of aluminum billet that is as crack-resistant as the wheel theyre attached to. These additions can also change the bolt pattern and widen the wheels offset. Wheel spacers are aftermarket parts designed to adapt the Toyota Tacoma to off-road use.

Should hub assemblies fit ABS braking systems for Toyota Tacomas?

Toyota Tacoma owners with ABS braking systems will find a number of original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, hubs, bearings, and complete assemblies that include connectors for the trucks ABS system. Most hub assemblies for Toyota Tacoma wheels on models newer than 2004 include speed sensors used by the ABS system. Toyota Tacoma owners should look for hub kits that include appropriate ABS connectors and sensors.

Are refurbished hub assemblies for the Tacoma available?

Repair projects for Toyota Tacoma wheels and hubs can include refurbished complete suspension kits. Complete suspension kits for the Toyota Tacoma can include hubs, bearings, upper control arms, connectors, and rack ends. Refurbished additional parts include steering knuckle spindles and hub assemblies. Owners should look for new OEM or factory parts for wheel bearings since this part is factory-sealed with lubricant prior to installation.