Wheels 22 Inch for Range Rover

22-inch Wheels Can Help Your Range Rover Make a Statement

If you want to turn heads in your Range Rover, consider putting on 22-inch rims. This size of Range Rover wheels can catch attention since theyre noticeably larger than standard ones. Once you have compatible new or used tires from eBay, youll be able to start rolling in style.

Why do some choose to go with 22-inch wheels?

This size of rim can help enhance the appearance of your Land Rover or Range Rover. Aside from the visual aspect, larger wheels can also help improve road handling to some degree. This is because a shorter tire sidewall height and a wider width are usually associated with a larger diameter. That shorter sidewall and wider tire can reduce the amount of sway or roll that could occur when driving. The result is an increased ability to take tight turns and more responsive handling.

How are Land Rover rims made?

There are a few main techniques for manufacturing Land Rover rims:

  • Casting: In the casting process, aluminum is poured or injected into a mold and then cooled in the desired shape.
  • Flow forming: This is also known as rotary forging or rim rolling. The process starts with a cast wheel. That wheel is then spun in a special machine that presses steel rollers against the rim to further shape it. Flow-formed wheels usually cost more than cast wheels, as the process can lead to a stronger final product.
What other considerations should be taken into account with wheels?

Its important that your Range Rover wheels fit. When youre looking for new or previously owned rims on eBay, make sure you check:

  • Lug-nut pattern: Theyll need to have the right lug-nut pattern so the holes line up with those on your SUV.
  • Offset: The offset measures the distance between the hub-mounting surface of the wheel and its centerline. This needs to be compatible with your vehicle model.
  • Tires: Your wheel selection will affect your tire selection. Think ahead to ensure that your tires and rims have compatible capacities; youll likely need low-profile tires.
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