White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor Women's Fragrances

Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds was created in 1991 by Carlos Benaim. White Diamonds is a blend of floral notes featuring gardenias, lilies, and Narcisse. It is named for diamonds, the classic jewellery that Taylor, a Hollywood Celebrity, was often seen wearing.

What notes are used in Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds perfume?

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds features bergamot, neroli, fresh orange, and lily for its top notes. At its heart, the notes are violet, rose, and jasmine mixed with Egyptian tuberose, Narcisse or narcissus, and ylang-ylang. The base notes are musk, dark moss, sandalwood, patchouli, and amber.

Are there differences between eau de toilette, cologne, and parfum?

In general, the main difference of any of these products, whether they are the scent of White Diamonds or another product, is the amount of essential oils they have in them. The difference in each formula is relatively the same, regardless of brands.

Eau de cologne has a lower concentration of fragrance in comparison with other perfume products. Eau de cologne usually contains around 7% essence dissolved in alcohol of 60 or 70 degrees. It is often used in warmer weather due to the fact that it can be reapplied often. Most eau de cologne will be sold in larger quantities and is usually made available for wear as a spray. With 7% essence, eau de cologne typically lasts for two to three hours of wear.

Eau de toilette is a stronger concentration. It normally contains up to 10% aromatic essence. Its top notes, the first scents released by a fragrance, are dominant. It is exhilarating when you first apply it and the notes tend to linger. Eau de toilette, containing 10% essence, lasts for two to four hours.

Eau de parfum has the highest concentration of fragrance with 15%. This typically lasts quite a while after you apply it, and the heart notes come through after the top notes fade away. It is often used when you want the scent to last a day.

How long can you keep a bottle of perfume?

How long you can keep a fragrance like White Diamonds varies. Perfumes don't have an expiration date like food does. Many perfumes have a longevity of three to five years from the date of their production, but some have compositions that allow them to last much longer. Storing a perfume, toilette, or cologne in cool, dark, dry places away from sunlight and heat sources can help to protect it from deterioration. Storing them outside of the bathroom is one way to prevent them from being damaged by humidity.

Another way to extend the life of your bottles is to store them in a place where they cannot easily be knocked over or broken. If you have multiple bottles of perfume and want to save any for future use, wrap them appropriately and store in a refrigerated unit until the time you wish to use them.

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