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Do You Need a Portable Radio with Wi-Fi?

Portable radios are a great product to own as you can take them anywhere with you and still keep up to date with the latest news and sports information. You can also listen to the latest hits or your favourite golden oldies through a variety of FM stations. Not only are they small and compact, but they can usually run on either batteries or rechargeable battery power with some models having Bluetooth connectivity for your wireless headphones.

What are the Benefits of Having Wi-Fi?

Choosing a Wi-Fi radio allows you to connect to the internet and be able to listen to internet radio stations. This is beneficial because:

  • You may have limited radio stations in your area: In some towns or rural areas, the amount of radio stations that are available to you can be limited to only a few. By being able to connect to internet radio, you can have access to a larger range of AM or FM stations. This is especially important if you want to hear specific sports coverage that you are unable to pick up on your local channels.
  • You prefer stations from other countries or states: You may have preference for a particular internet radio music channel run in another state or country and the only way to access it is through the internet. By using Wi-Fi internet radio, you can stream the music wherever you are. You can also connect to Spotify and other streaming services.

What are Some of the Features I Should Look for?

You can find many Wi-Fi internet radio models from different brands. Some of the features that you should look out for include:

  • Alarm clock: Having an alarm function is particularly useful when you are traveling as a back up to your smartphone. You may also find a sleep timer, so the radio will turn off at a designated time by you.
  • Good speaker: A decent built-in speaker is beneficial especially when you use the Wi-Fi radio to listen to music. You can find some models that have a three-way speaker system.
  • USB charging: By having USB charging capability, you can charge the digital radio through your computer or by the same wall plug that you use for your smartphone.
  • Remote control: If the radio has a remote control it means that you can control it from a distance. You will be able to skip through stations, adjust the volume, turn off and on, or go directly to your favourite preset stations.

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