Window Film

Window film can be easily installed in your home or office. Decorative window film allows light into your home, offers a beautiful alternative to traditional window treatments, and comes in different designs such as etched or frosted. Privacy window film can also be used on clear shower doors or office doors.

How do you apply decorative window film?

Application takes preparation, patience, and time. Decorative window film and privacy window film are held to a window or glass by static cling. To apply, you will need the window film, a spray bottle filled with clean water mixed with a teaspoon of dish liquid, a squeegee, a measuring tape, a box cutter or other similar sharp knife with a retractable edge, a non-abrasive scrubber sponge (similar to what is used on stainless steel pans), and lint-free paper towels. The steps to apply include:

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the windows using the spray bottle solution, non-abrasive scrubber sponge, squeegee, and the lint-free paper towels.
  • Measure the window pane or glass surface to be covered. Adjust the measurement to allow for some trimming allowance of up to half an inch on each side, and cut a corresponding-sized piece of window film with your box cutter or retractable knife.
  • Then lightly mist the clean glass and begin pulling the backing away from the cut piece of window film and spray the sticky side of the film as you peel to keep the film from sticking to itself.
  • Apply the film to the window, then use your squeegee to begin sticking the film. Move from the centre of the film toward the edges. There may be some water droplets trapped at this point.
  • Once the film is in place, trim the edges using the window as your cutting guide. Finally, spray the film once more, then use gentle but firm pressure with the squeegee to smooth the film and to remove all the remaining water from between the glass and the film.
Is glass window film removable?

Different types of glass window film may require different techniques for removal. Decorative window film is adhesive-free, relying on static cling to hold it to the window. To remove, simply pull the corners and edges loose from the window. Solar window film, tinted to block the UV rays from the sun, contains either a sticky or dry adhesive to hold it to the glass. Removing this type of window film may require professional help to prevent scratching or other damage to your glass.

Will window film help reduce a dog's barking?

Using frosted or decorative films on the lower portion of the area where your dog exhibits its barking behaviour can be an effective solution, allowing light to pass through while at the same time helping to stop the behaviour because the dog can no longer see the stimuli.