Window Motors & Parts for BMW X5

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BMW X5 Window Motors and Parts

The window regulator is one of the most important parts of any car because it controls the glass. On the BMW X5, youll find window regulators on both sides and in the front and back seats. You can replace or upgrade this motor as well as all other parts on the X5 to ensure optimal performance for your vehicle.

What does the window regulator do?

One of the most important parts on the BMW X5 is the window regulator. Also just called a regulator, it is not visible until you remove the door trim. This is because the window regulator sits just below the glass and inside the door. The window regulator features both glass and metal components and tends to look like a stand. It has a flat piece on top that supports the glass and keeps it in place. The power switch on the door tells the window regulator when to lift and lower the glass.

Can you buy individual motor parts?

In addition to the window regulator, the motor on your window consists of different parts. The window will have a switch, which the BMW X5 has in place of a crank. You can replace this piece as well as the wiring inside the door that allows all of the parts to work together. There are also different parts of the regulator as replacements. The BMW X5 uses clips that sit behind the door panel. These clips keep each part from moving or shifting as you drive the X5.

Do all windows use the same parts?

Though all windows in the BMW X5 use a window regulator, not all parts will work in all windows. The windows in the backseat do not roll all the way down but stop before the glass completely fits inside the door. You can use the button on the driver side door to roll down the windows in the backseat as far as you want. This button also controls the glass on the driver and passenger sides. You need to look for parts for each area of the BMX X5. These parts are available for all four windows.

What branded parts are there?

One thing you should consider is the type of branded parts that you buy for the BMW X5. While BMW makes some of these replacements, other companies do too. You can learn more about which companies relate to which brands.

  • OEM: OEM means that the original equipment manufacturer, BMW in this case, makes the replacement parts. BMW makes products compatible with all X5 models and all generations of the SUV. The first generation lasted until 2006, and the second generation ran until 2013 before the third generation started.
  • Aftermarket: Aftermarket products come from any other company that does not have a connection to BMW. Those companies include Cardone Industries, ACI, WD Express, and Dorman.
  • Unbranded: You also have the option to purchase unbranded products. While these parts may come from major companies and suppliers, they do not put their names on the parts of any packaging.