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Fiat 500 Window Motors and Parts

The Fiat 500 is a classic Italian sub-compact car, and it deserves all the TLC you can provide. Cure issues with rattling windows, security, or non-operation in your Fiat 500 with quality replacement parts. Whether you need to replace the entire motor or a few components, there are many aftermarket, stock, and OEM Fiat 500 window motors and parts available.

What are the parts of an automatic window?

The power window assembly in Fiats, as in most vehicles, is the same and consists of similar parts.

  • Switches
  • Fuses and wiring
  • Window lift motor
  • Window regulator
  • Window seals
How do you troubleshoot Fiat 500 window motors and parts?

Common problems with Fiat 500 window motors and parts for automatic windows include noisy operation and failure to open or close. Windows that are slow to open or close may have an obstruction like a loose bolt, damaged or loose weather stripping, and the addition of window tinting. When youre checking the windows in your vehicle, use the master switch on the passenger side as well as individual switches on each passenger door of your Fiat 500. If the window does not operate, you should determine if it is getting any power and proceed from there.

The most common part that causes of an inoperative window on a Fiat 500 is in the regulator.

  • Window wont open or close when the button is pressed and the cause is not electrical.
  • Unusual noise during operation, typically a loud squeal or screech.
  • Window droops to one side.
  • Window closes slowly or fails to close completely and the cause cannot be attributed to weather stripping or tinting.
Can you extend the life of the motor and regulator?

In addition to routine maintenance and periodic inspections of the fuses and wiring, here are some tips for prolonging the life of your electronic parts.

  • Release the button immediately when the window is fully opened or closed. Continuing to put pressure on it will accelerate wear.
  • Dont continually open and close the windows.
  • Use a spray or gel made for rubber automotive parts to keep seals from becoming dried and cracked.
What added features can you install in an automatic window?

There are several improvements available that add function or security. A notable accessory is a universal remote automatic window closer. This window closer is equipped with an alarm system and several other features.

  • Eight-second activation/deactivation delay.
  • Can close windows one-by-one in sequence or all four at once.
  • Remote alarm activation/deactivation.
  • Safe mode.
  • Custom wiring configuration.