Window Motors, Winders & Parts for Audi A5

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Audi A5 Window Motors & Parts

Car windows are more than just sliding a glass screen up and down. They require parts like other areas of a car, including the Audi A5. They might not be as large in number or complicated, but they are nonetheless necessary for normal operation.

What kind of motors and parts does a window need?

Besides the glass window itself, several mechanical parts go into making it function. The two most important are the window motor and its regulator.

  • The regulator is the part to which a window is attached, allowing it to be moved. The designs vary based on the car, but they all act as the central lifting mechanism of a power-window system.
  • The motor is attached to the regulator and powers it despite its small size. These are specific to year and model; manufacturers tend to update them every few years.

Also worth remembering are the switches you press to raise and lower the window, along with having other functions like locking window levels. Since they serve as the only means of controlling your A5’s windows, they are no small part of the system. The controls in the driver’s door usually make up the master switch, capable of adjusting every window.

How do power windows work on the Audi?

Audi A5 power windows operate in the same manner most models do. The glass is attached to bars on either side of the regulator, which hold it in place until you send a command through the switch. The motor is connected to bolts interlaced with the regulator, which move either up or down per the driver’s commands. When they move, so does the window.

How do you diagnose a malfunctioning part?

Given the relatively small amount of parts, it can be unclear which ones aren’t working when a window ceases to work normally. This can range from a single window only moving in one direction or only working sometimes to every window failing. The first step is to identify the problem and its range.

System-wide problems are easy to diagnose, since more than one window fails at a time; most cars have a single power supply for all its windows, so it generally stems from that or the main switches on the driver’s door.

Single-window issues require more study. If one won’t open or close, it could be the motor or regulator; if the motor works but the window doesn’t move, it could be the regulator alone. Testing one or both parts should help you diagnose the problem. Be sure to check the A5’s master switch for regular function. It may also help to clean the windows edges once you’ve removed the door paneling.