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Maximize Your Computing Capabilities with a Windows 7 64-Bit Laptop

Windows 7 64-bit laptops are designed to provide fast computing capabilities. There are different brands of Windows 7 64 bit laptops available. You can find new and used ones offered on eBay.

What features does a Windows 7 64-bit laptop offer?

There have been many feature additions and upgrades with the Windows 7 application. Among the features and functions you will be able to use when working with a Windows 7 64-bit laptop include the following.

  • Default taskbar - The upgrading of the taskbar is the first made since Windows 95 was released. This taskbar offers color changing capabilities to personalize the control panel. It also has the ability to accommodate functions such as touchscreen input and larger icon sizing.
  • Task progress - You can see the progress of a specific task without the need to switch between windows with the progress bar display in Windows 7.
  • Jump lists - When you right-click the taskbar icon, you can access the jump list. This feature gives you the ability to display any recently opened documents, see the Windows Media Player tracks and playlists, or change the online status.
  • Start menu - The Start menu has been updated to allow for fade-in highlight effects by hovering the mouse cursor over a specific area of the menu.
  • Themes - Gain the ability to personalize your desktop by selecting icons, mouse cursors, wallpaper, backgrounds, and more features.
How many processors can a Windows 7 64-bit laptop support?

The Windows 7 application design provides the ability to support multi-core processors that are used in all types of laptops and computer system designs. Having a 32-bit version of these computer systems has the ability to support up to 32 processor cores at one time. A Windows 7 64-bit laptop can supports as much as 256 processor cores at one time.

What factors should be considered when buying these laptops?

When purchasing a Windows 7 64-bit laptop offered on eBay, there are some factors that you should consider. These considerations may include the following:

  • Intended use - There is a wide range of Windows 7 64-bit laptops offered on eBay. You will find new, used, and models for parts. Knowing what your computing plans will determine the best models to compare for your needs.
  • Features and capabilities - Every model Windows 7 64-bit laptop has different features and capabilities built into their design. Examples of these features and capabilities include card readers, built-in cameras, side numeric pads, and more.
  • Budget - Knowing the price range you have to work with will give you some direction on the model Windows 7 64-bit laptop that is ideal for you. To stay within a strict budget, there are many used model computers and laptops that have been refurbished.
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