Women's 100% Wool Scarves and Wraps

Stay warm this season with a 100% wool scarf. Wool provides ultimate breathability, so you can get through your day in total comfort. The insulating fabric dries quickly for additional practicality and flexibility. Wool scarves are made from stretchy materials for added ease of movement.

Popular Colours for 100% Wool Scarves:
  • Black
  • Multi-Coloured
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Black scarves have an elegant appearance, which will effortlessly complement your ensemble with a refined and sophisticated touch. They are a popular choice and have neutral hues, so they will pair well with other accent pieces. Adding a burst of colour to any outfit, multi-colour scarves are fantastic when you want to make a bold statement. Multi-coloured scarves have cheerful and lively shades, allowing you to select the hue that best complements your wardrobe.

Suitable Seasons for 100% Wool Scarves:
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Fall
  • Summer

Winter scarves are designed to keep you warm throughout the cooler months. Both cosy and soft, they are great for wearing on colder days. Spring scarves are fantastic fashion accessories, which make them perfect for pairing with everyday outfits. They are lightweight, making them great for all-day wear.

Available Styles for 100% Wool Scarves:
  • Bandanas
  • Hoodie Scarves
  • Shawls
  • Hip Scarves
  • Pashminas

Bandanas can beautifully add to any look, completing any outfit. With a contemporary appearance, hoodie scarves will instantly freshen up your wardrobe. These hoodie scarves are great for bundling up whenever you're feeling a little cold. Shawls are fashionable staples that you can style in all sorts of ways to achieve different types of looks.