Handbags and Purses

Whether you're going out for a night on the town or just for another day at the office, an easy way to carry your must-haves is inside a handbag or purse. From a small satchel to an enormous tote, women on-the-go have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. Complete your wardrobe with the right handbags and purses, and you'll always have what you need right at hand. 

What are common styles of leather purses?

  • Tote: An oversized tote is perfect for storing everything you need while still looking fashionable.
  • Clutch: For formal occasions, consider carrying this rectangular, strapless bag.
  • Hobo bag: These unstructured bags look casual but sophisticated.
  • Satchel: Short handles give this bag a classic look, perfect for women who need a bag for work.
  • Crossbody bag: Give your back a break and tote heavy items with ease, thanks to a diagonal strap that goes across your body.

How do you store purses and handbags?

Keep your bags organized and well-maintained so that they'll be ready whenever you need them.

  • Before you store your bag, clean it out. Wipe down the exterior and treat stains as necessary.
  • Once your handbag is empty, refill it with paper to maintain its shape while in storage.
  • If your purse has metal embellishments, such as buckles and zippers, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper. This will prevent them from permanently leaving imprint marks on the bags.
  • Once your purse is in a cloth bag, you can store it in a cool, dry place, like your closet. You can store your bags standing upright as long as there is room for the handles to stay upright as well. For a small handbag or clutch, store it flat on its side.

How do you clean leather purses?

A high-quality satchel, clutch, wallet, or purse can last a lifetime but only if it's cleaned and conditioned regularly.

  • Empty your purse completely. Turn it inside out or use a small vacuum attachment to clean it out.
  • Wipe the exterior of your purses with a soft cloth that's been dampened with diluted dish soap. Don't let the material get too wet.
  • Dry thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Treat stains on your purses as soon as you see them:
    • For ink stains, blot your purse with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. This can also work for dark-coloured scuff marks.
    • Absorb oil or grease stains with baking powder or cornstarch. Apply the powder and leave on overnight, then wipe it away. This technique also works for removing lipstick stains.
  • Once your purse is clean, apply a leather conditioner. Both cream and oil-based conditioners work well for handbags. Apply it in a circular motion, wipe away excess conditioner, and use a soft, clean cloth to polish your leather handbags to an amazing shine.