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Womens Formal Hats

Choose from an inclusive assortment with every style of elegant and fancy hats and fashion accessories for women, including straight-brim hats, loose-brim hats to match the colour of a dress for a special occasion, a ladies dress feather cap for the derby, or wide-brim hats for high-fashion outdoor events. Find the right cloche for your favourite suit, coat, or costume. Browse ladies hats with a variety of features, such as sinamay, feathers, and floral details, or find some elegant simplicity for your special occassion hat.

Are dress hats machine washable?

Much like other womens fashion accessories and clothes, dress hats and derby hats have individual washing and care needs.

  • Some ladies hats, such as straw hats, may need to be hand-washed.
  • Some fancy hats may need dry cleaning or other special care.
  • Wide-brim hats may have more specific cleaning needs than more compact hat styles.
  • Feather hats and similarly delicate toppers will be spot-clean only.
  • Ladies hats and caps that are dark or black may need to be washed separately from other accessories and clothes.
  • Be sure to check your product for special care instructions.

What style of hats are most commonly worn for special occassions?

  • Dress hats for women typically favour one colour, but they certainly do not have to be solidly that one colour or exactly the same colour as an outfit. Many are a neutral colour, such as black.
  • Dress hats can often have fancy ribbons, bows, and/or sinamay or organza flowers.
  • Dress hats can be fancy brimmed hats or elegant cloche-style hats.
  • Brimmed dress hats come in a variety of brim widths.
  • Dress hats can be plain black or full of flair to express yourself.

What womens dress hats are right for the derby?

  • Derby hats vary from black to brightly coloured.
  • Hats for the derby are more likely to be multicoloured in fun patterns. Some can include polka dots and eye-catching, extra-bright colours or pearls and other jewellery-inspired elements.
  • A derby dress hat is more likely to have a floppy or wide brim.
  • Many fashion cap designs include feather details.

What size derby or dress hat is right?

  • Many formal fashion hats and derby hats are one size fits most.
  • Cap sizes vary between a small size around 21-1/8inches (54 centimeters) and a large size 22-1/4 inches (62 centimeters) around.
  • Some dress hat sizes are adjustable.