Women's Pantyhose & Tights

Women's Pantyhose and Tights

Pantyhose, also known as nylon stockings or sheer tights in other countries, are sheer undergarments that fit close to the waist and extend over the legs and down to the toes. In the United States, tights are a similar type of legwear that is thicker and opaque, and sometimes this type of hosiery stops at the ankle and is worn like leggings. Both pantyhose and opaque tights are worn under a dress, a skirt, or with lingerie.

What are the features of women's pantyhose and tights?

Pantyhose and control-top tights add some warmth under a miniskirt. They stretch for ease of movement when dancing. In some work environments, they are also a key part of an employees dress code.

  • Control top - Control-top high stockings slim the profile of the stomach, back, hips, and buttocks.
  • Reinforced panty - The reinforced panty provides strength, shaping, and contouring to the upper legs, hips, and buttocks.
  • Reduction of panty lines - High stockings minimize or even eliminate underwear lines when a woman wears a tight fashion dress.
  • Smoothing - Nylon stockings smooth the legs, reducing chafing and friction.
  • Designs - Pantyhose or tights may have designs on the legs. Common designs include fishnet construction, floral, and leopard prints.
What materials are women's pantyhose and tights made from?

Ultra-sheer hose are designed to look nearly invisible, and they come in threads made in natural shades of off-white, tan, beige, brown, and black. With control-top tights, the addition of spandex threads creates a shiny finish to the fabric.

  • Nylon - To fit high on the waist, nylon is used around the top of the pair of sheer pantyhose so a woman can wear them without them falling. This material also provides stretch and tensile strength.
  • Elastic - Elastic is included in the control-top panel of hosiery for a woman. The elastic helps ensure that wearing the sheer stockings all day keeps the material in place without bunching or shifting.
  • Cotton - A cotton panel may be included in the panties for enhanced breathability and comfort.
  • Spandex - In opaque shapewear, spandex may be used for its compression and smoothing properties.
How do you choose sizes of women's pantyhose and tights?

When wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose, they should fit tightly against the skin, much like other types of lingerie. Manufacturers generally adhere to a sizing system of A, B, C, D, and Queen for sheer hose. When wearing opaque tights, those are sized like other types of bottoms, ranging from small to extra-large to plus sizes. Wearing a pair of these garments means choosing the right size to wear based on your height and your weight. If you are at the cusp of two sizes, you may feel more comfortable in your dress when wearing the larger of the two sizes.