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Women's Sleepwear & Robes for Mother's Day

If you're looking for last-minute Mother's Day gifts, eBay's vast selection of women's sleepwear will be worth checking out. You will find a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and designs, that you can select from. There is sleepwear for summer, including tank top-style nighties, and some for winter, including fuzzy pajama pants with a matching long-sleeved top. You can browse through a wide range of sizes in both sleepwear and robes. You can give your mother's wardrobe an upgrade by gifting her sleepwear or a robe and make the day memorable for her.

What types of sleep garments are there for women?

You can find a large variety of fashions that are used by women as a sleeping garment. Some women favor two-piece sleepwear, while others prefer a nightgown for bedtime. Pants with a drawstring are the favorite for some, while leggings are the preferred choice for others. Here are a few styles for everyday use:

  • Short nighties
  • Long- and short-sleeve pajamas
  • Drawstring pants and a long-sleeved shirt
  • Short-sleeved tops and leggings or pants
  • Babydoll sets
  • Sexy, laced nightgowns
What fabrics are used in sleepwear?

You can find everything from silk to soft fleece and cotton in womens sleepwear and pajamas. Fabrics need to be soft and forgiving for restful sleep. After all, you wont get a good nights rest if youre not comfortable. Colorful fleece can be printed with stripes or plaids and mixed with solid color knit leggings or bottoms. Styles and include henley pajama tops or sets, lounge wear, and more. Preferred fabrics include cotton, fleece, flannel, satin, polyester, silk, and knitted and ribbed fabrics.

What are some fabrics used in robes?

You might find a soft fabric such as chenille in robes. Chenille was often used for bedspreads in the past and offers added warmth and comfort. They may be designed in a retro look to reflect the bedspreads that Grandma used to have. Other robes might be made of soft fleece, flannel, silk, or polyester. Terrycloth robes are often used after a shower or bath, as they absorb water quite well.

Can robes and pajamas be given as gifts for women?

Yes, you can even match robes with slippers of a similar fabric or color if you like. Women may be pleased to find a present of a fashionable robe, such as a kimono, or silky pajamas. Sometimes a husband will give his wife a romantic present of a beautiful nightgown and robe set. Younger women sometimes prefer pants or shorts with tops, such as with the logo of their favorite sports team or action hero. Onesies are also a cute option, especially in warmer climates; they are often fashioned to resemble everything from Chewbacca to unicorns.

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