Wooden Boat and Ship Toy Models and Kits

Building old wooden toy ships with full sails can help you relax after a hard day's work and perhaps spend some quality time with your children as they help and watch. There are different models that you can use, from the simple boat to a complex model ship, yacht, or wooden hull, depending on your skill level. Here is an overview of the types of kits for model wooden ships and boats that are out there and the types of tools needed to build wooden toys.

What ship and boat models and kits are available?

Wooden boat and ship toy models and kits come in a wide range. There are ancient sailing vessels and old Western-styled Mississippi gambling vessels with large rear paddling wheels. There are also sailing yachts and U.S. Naval ships. New kits contain directions and all the parts youll need to build a wooden toy sailing vessel. Older kits of vintage boats made decades ago are still around. You can use these to create old-fashioned vessels. In some cases, if you arent sure you can build a certain style of a wooden toy sailing vessel, you can buy a pre-made one. You can use a pre-made one as a gift or to accentuate a bookshelf or fireplace mantle.

Do you need specialty tools to build wooden sailing vessels?

There are a few specialty tools you can use that will help you build wooden toy models. These tools include:

  • Clamps and Clips: You should have an assortment of bar and spring clamps and alligator clips available while gluing parts together and holding them in place until the glue dries.
  • Sanders: Small sanding blocks and belt sanders are useful when preparing the wood for finishing or staining.
  • Plank Chopper and Benders: These tools are good for shaping planks along the length of the hull.
  • Tweezers: Tweezers are very helpful in holding and placing small parts onto the model.
  • Precision Knives: The extremely sharp-edged knives are good for trimming pieces to fit them into position.
  • Mini Push Drill: This specialized tool is good for sinking small screws, or to drill holes for wood plugs, used to keep sections of a sailing vessel together.
  • Mini Nail Insertion Pliers: The pliers are used to push nails gently into the wood to attach various parts to the wood model.

You can get each tool separately or you can get them all together in a tool kit.