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Top-End CPU Performance With the Intel Xeon X5690

The Intel Xeon X5690 microprocessor is Intel's flagship 5000-series six-core CPU. Based on their 32 nm Westmere-EP microarchitecture, the Xeon X5690 is the most potent central processor available for motherboards that utilize the LGA 1366 processor socket. Still powerful enough to compete with recent high-end processors, the X5690 is an excellent way of revitalizing an older motherboard and is available at a fraction of the cost of more recent cards on eBay.

Will the Xeon X5690 work on my computer?

The Xeon X5690 is an Intel CPU and will only fit in motherboards that are manufactured to accept Intel CPUs of its size. The X5690, like all other CPUs, will function only when placed in a matching socket, which, in this case, is the LGA 1366 socket. You can find out what CPU your computer uses by finding it in the "Systems" section of the Windows Control Panel. The CPU model can then be found on the Intel website, where the socket will be listed. Alternatively, you can consult the manufacturer of your motherboard.

How does the X5690 compare to other more recent CPUs?

While difficult to quantify, the Xeon X5690 maintains an aggregate benchmark score of 8945 on the PassMark website, which gathers benchmark data from various systems using a proprietary software program that runs the CPU and other components through a series of relevant tests. A score of 8945 is classified as a high-end CPU, and it's competitive with many other, much more expensive processing units.

Are there any advantages to buying an X5690 on eBay?

Yes. A gently used Intel Xeon Processor purchased on eBay is generally just as reliable as one bought brand new and usually considerably cheaper. Many used CPUs are tested extensively before being placed on the market. Additionally, suppose you intend to install your new Xenon X5690 personally. In that case, several applicable kits include the CPU and everything you'll need (such as thermal paste, properly sized hex wrench, etc.) to install it properly.

What are the technical specifications of the Intel Xeon X5690?

The Xeon processor is the absolute pinnacle of performance in its class. A more powerful option is not available if your motherboard utilizes the LGA 1366 socket. The processor offers remarkable performance and is competitive with many recent Xeon CPU versions. Technical specifications include:

  • Cores: Six
  • Frequency: 3.47 GHz
  • Cache: 12 MB SmartCache
  • Socket: LGA 1366
  • Thermal Design Power: 130 Watts

FAQs about the Intel Xeon X5690 CPU

What are the key features of the Intel Xeon X5690 processor?

This Intel Xeon processor features a base clock speed of 3.46 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 3.73 GHz. It supports Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows each core to handle two processing threads simultaneously, resulting in improved multitasking performance. The processor also supports Intel Virtualization Technology (VT-x) for enhanced virtualization capabilities.

What is the architecture of the Intel Xeon X5690 processor?

The X5690 processor is based on the Westmere microarchitecture, which is an enhancement of the Nehalem microarchitecture. It features a 32nm manufacturing process and integrates various technologies such as Intel Turbo Boost Technology, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, and Intel Smart Cache for improved performance and efficiency.

What is the socket compatibility of the Intel Xeon X5690 processor?

The Intel Xeon X5690 processor is compatible with the LGA 1366 socket, also known as Socket B. This socket is designed to accommodate Intel Xeon processors and supports DDR3 memory modules. Be sure that your motherboard supports the LGA 1366 socket before installing.

What are the typical use cases for the Intel Xeon X5690 processor?

The Intel Xeon X5690 processor is well-suited for a variety of compute-intensive tasks, including scientific computing, engineering simulations, 3D rendering, virtualization, and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. This processor is appropriate for professional workstations, servers, and data centers where high performance and reliability are paramount.

What are the power requirements of the Intel Xeon X5690 processor?

The Intel Xeon X5690 processor has a thermal design power (TDP) of 130 watts, which indicates the maximum amount of heat generated by the processor under normal operating conditions. Ensure that your system's cooling solution can effectively dissipate heat generated by the processor to prevent overheating and maintain stable performance.

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