Choosing the Right Yamaha 100-200 HP Complete Outboard Engines for Your Boat

Yamaha is known for its outboard motors. These outboard motors arent just for Yamaha boats; you can equip a Yamaha 115 outboard motor to any boat in the correct weight category. Yamahas 100-200HP engines are suited for light to medium boats, and they usually feature jet motors that can take you further away from shore than standard propeller systems.

How much horsepower does your boat need?

The bigger your boat is, the more horsepower you need. Most boats list their engine capacity in the owners manual or on a plate near the engine, and many boat motors come with a recommended boat weight. There are government regulations that dictate the amount of power a boat can have, so its smart to check your boats specifications before making a purchase.

A quick rule of thumb states that you need 1 horsepower for every 25-40 pounds of boat weight. That means that a 115HP Yamaha outboard engine could support a boat that weighs between 2,800 and 4,600 pounds. See the manufacturer site for details.

The difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines

The difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines is shrinking with every new technological development. Traditionally, a 4-stroke engine is more energy efficient because fuel is only used once in every four strokes of the piston. However, 2-stroke engines are usually lighter, and boats that weigh less use less fuel. Other differences, like noise, maintenance, and durability truly depend on the make and model of the engine.

The other significant difference between the two engines is whether you need to mix the fuel. A Yamaha 115 outboard 2-stroke needs the oil and fuel to be premixed before the engine is turned on; a 4-stroke engine does not. Its up to you whether to purchase premixed fuel or mix it yourself.

Is it better to get one engine or two?

When youre looking for a new Yamaha 115 outboard for sale on eBay, its probably because you need 115 horsepower, but it also might be because you need 330 horsepower for a dual-engine boat.

There main advantage of equipping your boat with dual motors is security against engine failure. If only one motor goes out, the other one can get you safely back to shore. This only works if the engines feature independent fuel lines and power sources, so check your boats structure before you commit to a purchase.

The other advantage is maneuverability. A boat with two Yamaha outboards is easier to dock because you can have the propellers move in opposite directions.

The dual-motor question is a matter of personal choice. Whichever way you decide to rig your boat, remember that 200 horsepower is the same whether it comes from one 200HP motor or two 100HP engines.

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