Protect Your Yamaha Boats Motor With Outboard Cowling and Housing

If you have a boat that has an exposed motor, you may want to protect the engine from water, inclement weather, and more by using an outboard cowl. These products are made in a variety of sizes, and youll find many new and used options for casual vessels and sports boats on eBay.

What is a Yamaha outboard cowling?

An outboard cowling is a piece that covers the main parts of a boat engine. A typical product for a sports boat or casual boat is constructed out of a thick piece of plastic. After a cowling is in place, it can shield the engine from:

  • Saltwater: Saltwater can severely damage metal hardware on an engine. However, by using a cowling, harsh saltwater wont access vulnerable nooks and crannies.
  • Ice: On a cold day, frost can build up on a boat engine, which is a problem because ice delays startup times. A boat cowling preserves engine components in a cold environment by creating a shield that keeps ice away.
  • UV rays: UV rays, water, and moisture can create an environment that can cause rusting. A cowling effectively reflects intense sunlight and repels water that can make rust build up on delicate engine components.
What types of motors can cowlings and housings protect?

On eBay, there are dozens of cowlings that are large and small. The size of a cowling is very important as it can impact the mounting process. Typically, a cowling that has a mid-sized frame will fit snugly over a four-stoke engine. If youre concerned about horsepower, you can equip one of the aerodynamic options. An aerodynamic cowling product has an arched housing and can provide plenty of air to an engine that produces up to 70 horsepower.

What are the design specs for cowling and housing products?

Most boat cowlings are designed with a gray or black housing, and stylish stickers are usually found along the side of the base. On a typical unit, youll find a Yamaha sticker and a sticker that highlights the horsepower requirement.

How does a cowling mount in place?

Underneath a cowling housing, there are individual holes that mount on the top of specific mechanisms around an engine. After you align the holes with these mechanisms, the cowling will snap into place over the motor. You wont need special tools to secure the housing as the mechanisms will firmly hold the base in place.