Yamaha Drum Sets

Yamaha manufactures a range of products including musical instruments and electronics. Yamaha drum sets are available in a variety of styles and types.

What pieces do Yamaha drum sets come with?
  • Three-piece drum sets: These Yamaha basic shell sets typically include a bass drum and toms. They can also include a crash cymbal or snare.
  • Four-piece drum sets: A four-piece drum kit can include a bass drum, tom, floor tom, and snare. Alternatively, a kit like the Yamaha Tour Custom set would include multiple toms instead of a snare. Another example is the Yamaha Live Custom four-piece set which includes the following instruments: 18 by 22-inch bass, 15 by 16-inch floor tom, and 7 by 10-inch and 8 by 12-inch toms.
  • Five-piece and six-piece drum sets: Custom percussion kits can include additional acoustic drums, adding more depth and dimension to your sound. Five- and six-piece sets usually have more than one tom as well as a snare. Custom percussion kits can also include a cymbal.
Are there different sizes of bass drums available?

Many of the drums made by Yamaha are in the range of 18 to 22 inches. The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch measures 18 inches by 15 inches, and the Live Custom Oak Bass Drum is 20 inches by 16. These acoustic drums can produce different types of sound, so you can choose the tone they want.

What are the differences in terms of appearance and materials?

The shells in a drum kit can be made out of various materials. Many drum sets are constructed using maple, oak, birch, poplar, or other types of wood. There are usually multiple layers. In some kits, synthetic materials like plastic are used, and some models use aluminum, brass, or bronze. Hardware can use nickel, brass, or other metals.

Lacquer finishes are also available for Yamaha drum sets. You can choose from black or brown tones, and there are even drum sets that come in bright blue and orange. The Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece comes in black, blue ice, burgundy, silver, or white grape glitter. You can also get a Yamaha drum set with a natural finish.

What electronic drum kits does Yamaha make?

Yamaha has several electronic drum kits available. The DTX models generally have DTX-PADs with three zones: a three-zone cymbal pad, a kick pad, and a hi-hat. You can also combine acoustic and electronic drum kits in a hybrid package to experience both of Yamaha's styles.

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