Zhu Zhu Pets

Zhu Zhu Pets

There are many kids and adults who love interacting and playing with electronic pets. Zhu Zhu pets are robotic, battery-powered toy hamsters that move and make noise. They are designed to act like real hamsters without all of the mess, and each one has a unique name and backstory.

What do ZhuZhu pets do?

ZhuZhu pets are a group of hamsters that move, make sounds, and have different personalities. They have two modes:

  • Loving mode: When the hamsters are in this mode, you can pet them to hear them squeak, talk, and chatter.
  • Explore mode: When the hamsters are in explore mode, they scamper, scoot, and run around on the floor or through their habitats.
What kinds of ZhuZhu pets are there?

There are six ZhuZhu pets, each with their own unique looks and personalities.

  • Pipsqueak: This energetic hamster is bright yellow with a shooting star emblem on her back. She is considered to be the leader of the group.
  • Mr. Squiggles: This orange pet has a squiggle emblem and a tool belt. He is scatterbrained and can be a challenge to control.
  • Chunk: This gray hamster with a mohawk is known as the muscles of the group. His emblem is a shining sun.
  • Num Nums: This purple critter has pink glasses and a fringe of bangs. Her emblem is a heart.
  • Jilly: This toy is neon pink and white. Her emblem is a balloon just like Beans.
  • Bean: This hamster is Jillys brother. He is blue and white with a balloon emblem.
How do you get a ZhuZhu pet to move?

These furry hamster toys are programmed to have a mind of their own and may not listen to their human friends. However, there are ways you or your children can interact with them.

  • Touch the nose: Pressing the ZhuZhu Pet on the nose will cause it to talk.
  • Pet the head: Petting the head on this toy will make it chirp and coo.
  • Press the back: Petting the back of the toy will cause it to scurry around and go exploring.
How do you turn off a ZhuZhu pet?

The toy can be turned off by pressing and holding the button on the back for five seconds. They can also be put to sleep by turning them over on their backs. You will know they are going to sleep because they will make a soft snoring sound. If you plan to leave the toy off for a period of time or your children want to go to sleep with their hamster toy, it is recommended that you remove the batteries.

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