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Zip drives are portable storage devices that allow you to save your files and bring them with you wherever you need to go. They are available from manufacturers like Iomega and can read various file formats including older ones such as floppy disks. Zip drives come in different sizes and interfaces, so it's a good idea to check out some of the most common ones before you make your purchase.

What are the primary features of the Z250USBPCMBP drive?

This is a zip drive that is made by Iomega. It has the following features:

  • The zip drive is powered via a USB. You can plug it directly into your laptop or PC using a USB port.
  • It has a total storage capacity of 250 MB.
  • A translucent blue top covers the unit while still allowing you to see the disk inside.
What features does the Iomega 100 MB zip drive have?

Iomega's 100 model zip drive takes 100 MB disks. It uses a USB connection to work with Windows and transfer files you may need from one place to another. Although it will only read one disk at a time, you can add as many of these units as you need in order to meet your data needs.

  • You can save both your files and Windows software on the drives, which the zip or flash drive can then read.
  • The units can function as a replacement for any floppy units that stored your older data.
  • It works with compatible 100 MB disks.
  • You can unplug it and take it with you if you need to transfer data from one computer to another.
Can you use zip drives with different power outputs?

Many external USB drives are compatible with nonstandard power outlets. Several models come equipped with A/C power adapter cords. These cords allow you to use your storage unit even when it is plugged into power outlets that would not ordinarily fit the native connection type.

What drive sizes are available?

You can find zip units in a variety of storage capacities to suit your needs. Each of these items can hold diskettes that correspond to the size of the flash memory. A 100 MB flash drive will hold diskettes of the same size and capacity. You can purchase multiple diskettes on which to store your data. However, you may wish to purchase a larger or smaller size of unit to meet your needs. Some of the most common sizes of portable units and their diskettes include 100, 250, and 500 MB sizes.

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