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Deals and Coupons on eBay

You're looking for a great discount with prices less than retail. eBay offers coupons on a variety of items throughout the site. Whether you are a couponer shopping for promotions on electronics and smartphones or makeup from Covergirl, there are plenty of discounts available on eBay. Any sales events, promotions or limited-time offers happening on eBay will be posted here as they become available. The details of these offers can be found in the terms and conditions associated to the offer, linked from the banner listed above when a special promotion is active. Do not wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to start your holiday shopping. There are so many savings to enjoy with online coupons. 

Prepare for Savings

Before searching for the best price on offer, determine which category your favourite item is in. Is your watch categorized as a piece of jewellery or an electronic smart watch? What about your collectible baseball cards? Would they be categorized as a collectible or as an antique? Each category has its own savings promotion — whether it is a percentage or dollar amount. Some discounts have an upper limit as well, regardless of how much you spend. 

Couponing Without Clipping

eBay makes it easy to clip coupons without the hassle of actually clipping, printing, or waiting for your postal carrier. You can save 3, 5, or even 15 percent off of the price once you click to activate your promotion. Often, you may see an eBay coupon code in your email to make it easier to activate your savings.  Unlike in-store coupons, eBay coupons or eBay promo codes can be used throughout the site on select products. Always be sure to read the fine print since not all coupons apply to all merchandise. Some restrictions will apply. Also, there are special hours and days where the coupon is valid, so always remember to double check those details. Before you wait too long, check for the expiration date and click "checkout" before the promo code passes you by. 

Deals and Steals

If there are no coupons available for the item you want, consider eBay Deals. You'll find thousands of deals on everyday products as well as rare finds and you don't have to redeem a coupon code or wait for a special promotion — the deals are the promotion! Look for Spotlight Deals for the ultimate in savings. Trending Deals highlights popular deals which are so hot that they're flying off cyber-shelves. Each deal category is well marked so you can filter through and view only the product category that interests you. 

eBay's Guarantee

eBay guarantees the price of your item is the lowest available anywhere. Skeptical? If you buy a product and find it elsewhere for less, eBay will refund you 110 percent of the price difference. Be sure to check the details of the guarantee before making a claim with customer service for your benefit. Learn more about eBay's Best Price Guarantee.