What to Consider When Looking for Mini Speakers

The invention of products like the iPod changed the way consumers listen to music forever. Instead of having to collect bulky items such as records, CDs, and cassette tapes, people could now save the digital music file to an MP3 player and take their whole music library with them on the go. With the invention of things like the iPod came an entire generation of speaker systems as well and the iHome line of docking stations, stereos, and alarm clocks combine audio sound with sleek design and a user friendly interface.

Will the iHome Docking Station Charge My iPod Nano?

  • Yes, the docking station is designed to charge the device it connects to, making it easy to store your iPod on the device overnight to be used as an alarm clock as well.
  • The station will begin charging your device upon docking and will charge even if the iPod is in use as an mp3 player.

Is the iHome Wireless?

  • There are a few options for wireless stations, though it will clearly say whether or not it needs to be plugged in on the packaging.
  • Wireless speakers may be smaller and less powerful than the docking stations that need to be plugged in.

Can This Speaker Plug Into My Computer?

  • Usually the stations are designed to be used in place of alarm clocks and are not capable of plugging into a computer, though some will allow you to plug your computer in to use as a speaker.
  • If the device is capable of plugging into something other than an iPod, it will say so in the packaging.

Will This Charge My iPhone 6?

  • No, since the docking port has Apple's older 30-pin charging port, it won't charge an iPhone 6.
  • If it has a USB port attached you can connect your lightning cable to the station that way, but unless the station comes with an attached lightning port or lightning port adapter, you won't be able to plug your iPhone 6 directly into the stereo.

What Is The Sound Quality Like?

  • The iHome speakers are designed to amplify music on a smaller scale than professional sound systems without compromising key features in the speaker that obstruct quality.
  • The larger docking stations are designed to offer a more sound quality and may be more suitable for those looking specifically for greater volume.

Will This Play Audiobooks?

  • Yes, the dock is designed to play whatever you wish to play from your iPod Nano.
  • If you wish to play an audiobook, simply install the book onto your iPod nano, connect it to the dock, and press play.

What Kind Of Clock Does It Have?

  • The dock has an LED backlit clock to display time that can be adjusted via the dock itself.
  • The clock can also be used as a built-in alarm clock separate from your iPod, meaning the MP3 player doesn't have to be plugged in to use the alarm clock.
  • The alarm clock can be adjusted on the back of the docking station where you can adjust the time and alarm.

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