oyaide Home Audio Cables & Interconnects

Learn How Oyaide Electronic Products can Improve your Home Theater System

Oyaide is a Japan-based electronics company. While the company is known for providing high-quality audio products, it provides other products that can improve your home theater system too. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in Oyaide Japan products set the standard for home theater systems, and you can purchase these products on eBay.

What kind of home theater components does Oyaide sell?

This company focuses on meeting all of your needs when it comes to home theater and audio systems. While an Oyaide cable ensures a secure connection between devices within your home theater or audio system, its other products round out your setup. Some of these other products include the following products:

  • power distributors
  • digital cables
  • headphones
  • EMI sheets
  • IEC connectors
Does Oyaide sell wall receptacles?

Powering up your home theater system is just as important as the components that make up the system itself. Oyaide Japan sells replacement receptacles and wall plate covers. Upgrading the wall receptacles in your home is a good idea if theyre out of date. If you havent replaced the wall receptacles since the 1990s, they are definitely due for an upgrade. While upgrading the face plates doesnt provide a functional improvement, it gives the new receptacles a finished look to match their upgraded performance.

What kind of power distributors does Oyaide Japan sell?

Buying an Oyaide power cable distributor is a good way to protect your entertainment system components. Also called "surge protectors," they not only provide more outlets, but they also provide protection from possible power surges. Electrical surges can occur during lightning storms and fry your entire entertainment system. Oyaide carries power distributors that fit your needs, and some of them have six additional outlets. The distributors also come in a variety of sizes from long rectangles to squares, so its easy to find one that fits your space.

What kind of cables does Oyaide carry?

This company carries everything from Oyaide speaker cables to power cables. It even has cables for your visual needs, including coaxial cables and HMDI cords with silver conductors. The cables provide a strong connection no matter which devices you decide to plug into your system. In terms of power cables, you can buy replacements for a range of devices. You can even buy in-wall cables if the audio for your surround sound system is set up through your walls.

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