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Keeping Your Network Secure With the pfSense Firewall and VPN

If you're worried about keeping your network safe from untrusted devices, then a perimeter security device is a good way to go. pfSense, which provides solutions for both firewall and VPN security, is a great way to keep your network secure from external factors, and eBay has a wide selection of devices to choose from. pfSense features static/default/dynamic routing via its software, and its hardware has firmware with a wide array of active security features so that you can feel safe.

What are some advantages of using this pfSense hardware?

One of the unique features of purchasing a pfSense piece of hardware is its ability to run open source software. As a result, any software package that you run on these devices will be free, which can help you cut costs. Additionally, pfSense is known to have a relatively easy setup, and the products themselves have a small form factor so that you can fit them anywhere.

What are some of pfSense's useful features?

This software/hardware utility has a few really useful features that can help you feel more secure. In addition to the firewall and network protection features, you'll find a fairly robust selection of useful functions. These include:

  • Advanced passive OS/network fingerprinting utility: This feature allows you to filter out specific operating systems. Effectively, this will allow you to select Windows machines so that they have access to the firewall but block other operating systems.
  • The ability to establish rules: Do you want to limit the number of simultaneous connections based on a preordained set of rules? pfSense allows you to do this fairly easily.
  • Server load balancing: This ensures that all of your servers, which can include web servers, mail servers, and others, will have the proper amount of bandwidth attributed to them so that all work optimally.
  • Reporting and monitoring: This hardware also has the ability to provide dashboards so that you know how well your network is performing. Not only is CPU utilization provided, but features like firewall status and packet rates are provided as well.
When installing the software, should you select the quick/easy install?

In general, this is a good option for most people looking to secure their computers from external threats. If you want more fine-tuned settings, then you can select custom install, but this is more for those with more experience with the platform.

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