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Minimizing unwanted email

If you’re receiving too many emails from other eBay members, there are some simple steps you can take to cut down on inbox clutter.

Here are some tips for reducing the amount of emails you get from other eBay members:

  • Choose a username that’s not related to your email address. If your username is similar to your email address, you can change it
  • Use an email filter to block unwanted messages. Most email programs allow you to block messages that contain certain words or that are sent from specific email addresses. For more information on how to set up and use filters, check with your email provider
  • Consider changing your email address or creating an email account that you only use for eBay. Most internet service providers let you create multiple email addresses, and there are many services that offer free email accounts. If you change your email address, make sure to update your contact details

How eBay helps reduce the amount of email you receive

Your privacy is important to us, so we take measures to try to minimize unwanted email, including the following:

  • We only share your email address with other members you have a transaction with
  • Members you don’t have a transaction with can only contact you through eBay Messages; neither of you will be shown the other’s email address
  • We digitally sign every email we send to you. Your email provider can use this to ensure the email is authentic and block fake/spoof emails from reaching your inbox
  • We don’t share your contact details with third parties for marketing purposes without your express consent

If you set up email filters, make sure you don’t block important eBay messages by accident. You can change which emails you receive from eBay at any time by updating your communication preferences.

Reporting an unwanted email or a policy violation

If you receive an unwanted email that violates our policies, let us know and we’ll investigate. Make sure to include the complete message, and any attachments, when you report it to us.

Emails that violate our policies

The following types of email violate our rules:

  • Spam (unsolicited commercial emails)
  • Offers to buy or sell outside of eBay
  • Misuse of eBay’s email forwarding system
  • Threats of bodily harm

See our Member-to-member contact policy for more details.

Members you don't have a transaction with can only contact you through eBay Messages – and neither of you will be shown the other's email address.

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