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Best Price Guarantee

eBay's Best Price Guarantee ensures that you get the best price for new items found on eBay.

With Best Price Guarantee, if you buy a qualifying item on eBay and find it for less on an approved competitor's website, we'll beat the price by giving you 110% of the difference.

How eBay's Best Price Guarantee works

If you purchased an item in the last 48 hours and found it at a better price through one of our approved competitors, let our customer service team know.

Once we have the details of the item you purchased and where you found it at a lower price, we'll verify that your item qualifies. If your item qualifies, you'll receive a coupon for the difference to use on a future purchase on eBay.ca.

Shipping fees, including any shipping discounts, don't count towards an item's price when we check if it qualifies for the Best Price Guarantee.

Qualifying for Best Price Guarantee

In order to qualify for Best Price Guarantee, you need to be a registered eBay member, and the item needs to be:

  • Purchased within the last 48 hours
  • New and unopened
  • Identical and available – Both items (eBay's and the competitor's) should be currently in stock and on one of the below sites:
    • Amazon.ca
    • BestBuy.ca
    • Walmart.ca

For more information, and terms and conditions, visit our Best Price Guarantee - opens in new window or tab page.

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