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Offering local pickup

If the item you're selling is large or difficult to ship, offer local pickup and the buyer can collect it in person.

When creating your listing, simply select No shipping: Local pickup only from the dropdown menu in the Shipping details section. Make sure you've entered your postal code in the Item location because it'll be shown on your listing.

You can also offer local pickup in addition to other shipping options. Check the Offer local pickup box under your shipping options.

In your payment options, select Pay on pickup and any other payment methods you'd like to accept.

For local pickup items, we don't recommend accepting payment methods that take time to clear, such as cheques.

In your item description or checkout instructions, specify when and how the buyer can collect the item. Don't add your full address, just the area will do. You may need to get in touch with them after the listing ends to confirm the details of the pickup.

Read our article on listing tips for more on how to list an item.

Proof of collection

For proof of collection, you can use the eBay app to scan the QR code or manually enter the 6 digit code the buyer received after completing their purchase.

To scan the code, go to the Arrange Pickup screen on the eBay app and tap the Scan to confirm pickup button. The item will immediately be marked as delivered. You’ll still need to mark the item as paid if you collect cash at the time of delivery.

If the buyer doesn’t have their email with the codes, a signed receipt/invoice or an eBay message from the buyer confirming they collected the item can protect you against item not received cases.

Buying and selling off eBay

One of our top priorities is protecting our members, so sales that started on eBay can’t be completed off our site.

If a sale is completed off eBay, neither buyers or sellers are covered by our protection programs if something goes wrong, and you’ll still need to pay fees. See our policy for more information. 

With local pickup, your buyer can collect an item from a location you specify and pay in person.

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