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Getting paid through PayPal

When you accept payment through PayPal, your buyers pay directly to your PayPal account. You'll get an email to let you know you've been paid.

Before you can receive payments through PayPal, you have to set PayPal up as one of your accepted payment methods. Find out more about accepting PayPal and how to set it up as a payment method.

How to receive payments to your PayPal account

When a buyer goes through checkout and pays with PayPal, you'll usually receive the payment in your PayPal account immediately.

You'll get an email to let you know when you've been paid. You can also check on Awaiting payment in Seller Hub or My eBay:

If you see that a payment is on hold, it could be that you have funds on hold.

If you have a questions about accessing the funds in your PayPal account, please contact PayPal.

PayPal charges a fee when you receive payments. Learn more in our article on Fees for using PayPal.

Managed payments sellers

If you’re a managed payments seller, we’ll automatically include PayPal as a payment method in your listings. When a buyer pays with PayPal, we'll send the funds to your checking account as part of the payout process, rather than the payment going to your PayPal account. For more information, read our article on how payouts work for managed payments.

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