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Buying and reselling items

If you know what you're looking for, buying and reselling on eBay can be a profitable business. You might be able to pick up something at a good price outside its peak selling season, or buy items in bulk and sell them on individually.

Bulk buying and selling on eBay

To find items for sale in large quantities, search for terms like "bulk," "job lot," or "wholesale." You can research how much they usually sell for as single items to see whether they're a worthwhile investment. You can also check out what's currently trending on eBay - opens in new window or tab.

If you're buying items to resell on eBay, you should register as a business seller.

Buying and selling seasonal items

Another opportunity is to look for out-of-season goods. If you're willing to hold on to items for a while, stocking up on things such as summer clothes during winter, or Christmas gifts once the festive season has passed, could be very profitable.

Search for terms like "bulk," "job lot," or "wholesale" to bring up listings of items for sale in large quantities.

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