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Using search tags

By entering search tags, or keywords, in features like eBay My World and Reviews & Guides, you’ll help identify topics and themes in your content. When members search for your topic, they’re more likely to find you and your content.

About search tags

Search engines scan web pages looking for keywords to return in search results. Using tags, or keywords, can set your content apart from others with more general content.

For example, if you write a guide about a collectable you're selling, like Pez dispensers, you could use tags like "Pez," "dispensers," and "collectables" to increase the chance that search engines will find you.

How to use tags

You can create your tags as you set up each feature. You can have up to 10 tags all together, and each tag can be a word or phrase of up to 4 words each.

Note: Members must use tags that are relevant to the content they write about or the products they sell. Inappropriate words or terms aren’t allowed and may be removed.

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