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Minimizing unwanted email

We want to protect your privacy and reduce the amount of unwanted email you receive. Here are some steps you can take to cut down on unwanted email.

Report email violations

If you receive an unwanted or threatening email from another eBay member, you can report it to us and we'll investigate. Be sure to include the complete message in your report.

To report an email violation, click the type of violation in the table below for instructions.



Spam (unsolicited commercial email)

We don't permit eBay members to send unsolicited commercial messages.

Offers to buy or sell outside of eBay

We don't allow email offers to buy or sell listed items outside of the eBay website. Offers of this nature are a fraud risk for buyers and sellers.

Misuse of eBay's email forwarding system

We allow members to contact each other using the site, but we'll investigate misuse of this service.

Threats of bodily harm

We don't permit users to send threats of bodily harm.

Most private communication, including email, isn't regulated by eBay. If you receive unwelcome email that's not from an eBay member, or you want to take further action:

  • Try blocking the sender through your email provider's service.

  • Report the incident to the sender's ISP or email provider.

  • If you feel unsafe or are afraid for your personal safety, report the sender to your local law enforcement agency.

Tips for cutting down the amount of email you receive

If you're receiving too many emails, these tips can help:

Choose a username that's not related to your email address.
If your username is the same or similar to your email address, change your username.
Use an email filter to block unwanted messages.
Most email programs allow you to block messages that contain certain words or that are sent from certain addresses. For more information about how to use email filters, look at your email program's Help files or contact your email provider.
Note: If you use an email filter to block messages, make sure that it doesn't block important messages from eBay.
If you're still receiving too many messages, consider changing your email address or creating an email account that you use only for eBay.
Most Internet service providers (ISPs) allow you to register multiple email addresses. There are also a number of services that offer free email accounts. If you change your email address, be sure to update the contact information on your eBay account.

Get less email from eBay

You can decide which types of emails you want to receive from us by changing your communication preferences.

To set your communication preferences:
  1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages.

  2. Click the Account tab, and then click the Communication Preferences link.

  3. To see all your communication preferences, click the Show all link at the top of the page.

  4. Set or change the preferences you want.

What we do to reduce the amount of email you receive

  • We don't share your contact information with third parties for their marketing purposes without your express consent.

  • We disclose your email address to other members only if you're involved in an eBay transaction with them.

  • If members aren't involved in a transaction with you, their messages will be forwarded to you through My eBay. You won't see the other member's email address, and the other member won't see yours.

  • We digitally sign every email we send to you. Email providers use this signature to authenticate emails coming from eBay and reduce the amount of spoof (fake) emails reaching your inbox.

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