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Choosing items confidently

Here are some tips to help you buy with confidence.

Understand the item and the seller.
  • Read the item description carefully. 

  • Compare the item to similar items. 

  • Look at the item's condition in pictures and the item description. Be realistic about used or older items.

  • Read the details about shipping, insurance, and payment options. 

  • Be careful if an item is listed very far below the manufacturer's suggested retail price, or if the listing has a significantly delayed shipping time. 

  • Check that the item is legal and allowed according to our rules for listing .

  • Look at the seller's Feedback.

  • Read the seller's answers to questions about their item and terms of sale. To ask the seller a question, go to the listing and click the Ask a question link.

  • Look at the seller's policies on shipping, payments, and returns.

  • View the seller's other items.

  • Here's more about knowing your seller.

Confirm authenticity.
  • When buying collectibles, be sure that the item is authentic. You can get advice about items like sports memorabilia, coins, stamps, and jewellery from experts such as third-party authentication services

  • Some item listings may contain certification information.  

Consider escrow for high-priced items.
  • Popular higher-priced items (such as computers, jewellery, and electronics) can be a high fraud risk. You might consider finding a reputable escrow service.  

  • is approved by eBay.

Know the details for overseas transactions.
  • Other countries may have different rules than yours.  

  • Allow additional time to receive your item.

  • Here's more about buying globally.

Insure your items.
  • Many sellers include shipping insurance or offer it as an option. If your package is lost or damaged in transit, contact the shipping company directly. Learn more about shipping insurance.

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