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Sometimes existing users change their Username for a variety of reasons. For example, a user may change their Username to reflect a new line of items they are selling.

It's important to learn as much as possible about your eBay trading partner (whether a potential buyer or seller).

Identifying users who have changed their Usernames

The "changed Username" icon   next to a Username tells you that the user has changed his or her Username within the last 30 days. It's there to help you keep track of your trading partners. The "changed Username" icon appears next to a changed Username for 30 days after a Username is modified.

When a user modifies their Username:

  • The change will appear immediately, even for listings in which the user is participating at that time.

  • eBay will automatically attach the user's feedback profile and other important account information to the new Username.

Reviewing an eBay member's Username history

You can review a member's Username History from the Find Members page.

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