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Using My eBay to leave and view Feedback

If you want to change Feedback that you left for another member or find out how to request that a piece of Feedback be revised or removed, please read Can Feedback be changed or removed?

After you buy or sell an item, you have a chance to leave Feedback by rating your trading partner and writing a comment. Each member has a Feedback Profile, which is made up of the ratings and comments that were left for them by the buyers and sellers they've had transactions with. 

Using My eBay is a great way to help you keep track of your Feedback, especially if you buy or sell regularly.

Leaving Feedback

To leave Feedback:
  1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may be asked to sign in.

  2. Click the Account tab, and then click the Feedback link on the left.

  3. Under Items Awaiting Feedback, find the item you want to leave Feedback for.

  4. Click the Leave Feedback link in the Actions column.

  5. Enter a rating and comment for your trading partner.

  6. Click the Leave Feedback button.

Viewing Feedback you left

To view Feedback you left for other members:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. Click the Feedback score next to your username.

  3. Click the Feedback left for others tab.

Viewing Feedback you received

To view Feedback you received:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. Click the Account tab, and then click the Feedback link on the left.

  3. Under Recent Feedback, click the View all feedback link.

    • Sellers: Click the Feedback as a seller tab.

    • Buyers: Click the Feedback as a buyer tab.

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