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Selecting payment methods

Offering your buyers safe and convenient payment choices can help your sale go smoothly, earn you positive Feedback, and bring them back for more.

Payment options for most listings

For most categories, you need to offer at least one electronic payment or Internet merchant credit card option. This provides a fast and secure transaction for you and the buyer. When a buyer clicks the Pay Now button in My eBay, the listing, or email notification, they pay you immediately and the payment is processed through the option you've chosen. You receive an email telling you you've been paid and you can ship the item.

You can also offer payment upon pickup. Payment by personal cheque, cashier's cheque, bank-to-bank transfers, or money order isn't allowed for most eBay purchases.

You'll choose your payment options when you list your item.

Here's a comparison of payment options for most listing types. For details on each electronic option, click its name.

How does it work? When buyers check out, they'll log into PayPal and pay with their PayPal account balance or by credit card or checking account through PayPal. Learn more about how eBay and PayPal work together.
Do I need to register? Yes, you need to register with PayPal before offering it as a payment option.
Do I pay a fee? Yes.
Does the buyer have to register? No, but they can. If the buyer is registered, they can pay from their PayPal account.
Does the buyer pay a fee? No.
How soon am I paid? Immediately, to your PayPal account.
Is there seller protection? Yes. PayPal Protection protects sellers when tracking information shows an item has been delivered, or sellers show an item was properly described.
Is there buyer protection? Yes. PayPal Purchase Protection covers the purchase price plus original shipping if the buyer doesn't receive the item or the item doesn't match the seller's description.
Does this method require eBay checkout? Yes.
Is there help if I have a transaction problem? Yes, we can help. Learn what to do when a buyer doesn't pay.
Note: If you need more information about PayPal, contact PayPal.
How does it work? Your buyer pays you when they pick up the item.
Do I need to register? No.
Do I pay a fee? No.
Does the buyer have to register? No.
Does the buyer pay a fee? No.
How soon am I paid? Immediately. In-person payment methods can include cheques, money orders, cash, PayPal, or credit card. In your listing, be clear about which of these payment methods you'll accept.
Most sellers don't accept cheques or money orders, because if they don't clear after the buyer has picked up the item, the seller has fewer options for resolving the problem. See our accepted payments policy.
Does this method require eBay checkout? No.
Is there help if I have a transaction problem? Yes, we can help. Learn what to do when a buyer doesn't pay.

Payment options for Real Estate, Business & Industrial, capital equipment, Adults Only (on, and some Motors categories

  • Payment by personal cheque, certified cheque, bank-to-bank transfers, or money order may be offered for capital equipment, Real Estate, Adult Only, and some Motors categories.

  • See the accepted payments policy for the complete list of categories for these payment types.

Payment tips

  • Never accept overpayments from buyers for items, especially if the buyer asks to be reimbursed for overpayment. Requests like this are often part of a counterfeit cashier's cheque scheme. Learn more about avoiding payment problems.

Other terms

  • The payment methods described in this article are for Canadian listings only. For payment options in other countries, see the eBay help for that country.

  • Sellers can't require buyers to pay using methods that aren't allowed on eBay or that they didn't include in their listing. For details, see the accepted payments policy.

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