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Using the eBay shopping cart

The eBay shopping cart makes it easy for buyers to keep track of items they want to buy. It lets buyers check out and pay for purchases from different sellers at the same time.

Buying with the eBay shopping cart

Adding items to your cart

To add an item from a fixed price listing to your cart, click the Add to cart button in the listing. You can see the items in your cart at any time by clicking the shopping cart icon at the top of most eBay pages.

You can add items from the same or different sellers to your eBay shopping cart, and check out and pay for all the items in your cart at once. Each item will show up as a separate purchase with its own item number and the seller's username associated with it, exactly as it always has in My eBay. If you add multiple items from the same seller, the seller's items are grouped together in your eBay shopping cart.

Purchasing items

Shipping discounts are automatically applied if the seller has specified discounts in the listing. If they aren't applied automatically, you can request the shipping amount from the seller by placing your pointer over the item and selecting request total from seller.

You can also check out with selected items and save others for later. To remove items you've placed in your eBay shopping cart, click the remove link next to the item you want to remove. If you're not ready to pay for an item but don't want to remove it, you can click the save for later link.

You can also purchase any item in your eBay shopping cart separately. To do this, place your pointer over the item and select pay only this seller.

Note: You can only check out and pay for items from different sellers at the same time if all sellers accept the same payment method. Right now, PayPal is the only method of payment that can be used to buy items using the eBay shopping cart.

Purchasing Best Offer and fixed price items

If you put an item from an auction-style listing in your eBay shopping cart that has the Buy It Now option, you can purchase that item immediately. However, if someone else places a bid on that item before you pay for it, the listing will return to an auction-style listing and you'll need to place a bid instead.

Remember that adding a fixed price item to your eBay shopping cart does not remove it from the site. It will remain available for others to purchase until you pay for the item. If you see a message that an item is not available, the listing may have ended before you purchased it.

Items that can't be added to your eBay shopping cart

Some listings can't be added to the eBay shopping cart:

  • Auction-style listings

  • Motors Vehicle listings

  • Real Estate listings

  • Classified Ad listings

Selling with the eBay shopping cart

If you sell on eBay, there's nothing you need to do to make your listings work with the eBay shopping cart. However, here are a few tips to make it easier for buyers to purchase your items using the cart:

  • Specifying shipping for countries such as the US, Australia, and the UK becomes an even greater advantage with the eBay shopping cart. Buyers who have all the shipping information they need can check out faster and easier. As always, offering a range of Canadian shipping options ensures quicker checkout as well.

    Note: If you don't specify shipping, buyers will still be able to request their total from you through the eBay shopping cart.

  • Offer free shipping where it makes sense to do so.

  • Specify combined shipping discounts in My eBay and not just in the item description. This will make checkout more efficient for buyers. Properly specified combined shipping discounts will be prominently displayed in the eBay shopping cart.

  • If you're selling multiple identical items, you can create a listing with variations such as colour or size. A buyer can place the multi-quantity listing in the eBay shopping cart, browse through the variations, select the one they want, and then quickly move through checkout.

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