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Hazardous, restricted or regulated materials policy

Policy overview

For health and safety reasons, most dangerous goods/hazardous materials (such as fire extinguishers, Freon, and radioactive materials) can't be listed on eBay.

The law prohibits shipping various dangerous goods/hazardous products, though there are a few types that can be legally transported under certain conditions and if they're properly packaged and labeled. Those items can be sold on eBay, as long as the listing and product:

  • Clearly describes the dangerous/hazardous nature of the product

  • Specifies a shipping method that meets legal and postal service requirements.

Canada Post does not accept dangerous goods.  Please refer to the Non-Mailable Matter section of their Postal Guide for more details on what is acceptable.

For more information on what you can and can't sell on eBay, review the guidelines below.

Make sure your listings and products follow these guidelines. If they don't, they may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?



  • Books on fireworks, including books on how to make fireworks

  • Chemistry books

Allowed in some situations

  • Firework labels that are no longer attached to a firework

  • Model rockets that have no engines

  • Pyrotechnic devices that have no combustible materials (such as control devices, launchers, or tubes)

Not allowed

  • Black powder

  • Caps for toy guns

  • Explosive fuses

  • Fireworks (including dummy fireworks) such as:

    • Aerial bombs

    • Booby traps

    • Bottle rockets

    • Party poppers

    • Roman candles

    • Smoke bombs

    • Snap caps

    • Sparklers

  • Flares (both projectile and road flares)

  • Flash paper

  • Gasoline

  • Red phosphorous

  • Thermite

  • Used oil (such as cooking oil or motor oil)



  • Empty fire extinguishers or grenades

  • Fire extinguishers that don't contain carbon tetrachloride

  • Information on how to use a fire extinguisher

Allowed in some situations

  • Antique fire extinguishers or grenades need to clearly state in a listing and product what substance they are filled with

Not allowed

  • Fire extinguishers (including glass bulb fire extinguishers and brass fire extinguishers with a T-shaped handle) or grenades that contain carbon tetrachloride. (Contact your local fire department for tips on safe disposal.)



  • Refrigerants contained within a household appliance or a vehicle

Allowed in some situations

  • To list a refrigerant, you have to include the following information in your description:

    • The buyer has to be certified.

    • The buyer has to show proof of certification before paying and before the item is shipped.

  • Used refrigerants can be sold only if all of these requirements are met:

    • The seller can show proof that the substance has been reclaimed by a certified person.

    • The refrigerant is part of a household appliance that is being sold.

    • The refrigerant will be used only in a household appliance.

Not allowed

  • Non approved refrigerants. Consult provincial and federal regulations for more information.



  • Information on the use of pesticides

  • Snakebite kits

Allowed in some situations

  • Flea and tick medications that have been approved by the government and are sealed in their original packaging (see also our prescription drugs policy)

Not allowed

  • Restricted, suspended, or canceled pesticides

  • Flea and tick medications that are:

    • Purchased in another country and shipped to Canada

    • Repackaged flea and tick medication

    • Opened containers or packages of pesticides



  • Geiger counters

  • Information about atomic or nuclear testing or energy

  • Warning badges for radioactive material

  • Warning signs for radioactive material

Allowed in some situations

  • Items containing only a trace amount of radioactive material (such as watches or gunsights)

  • Medical devices

  • Natural ore samples that have trace amounts of radioactivity

  • Tritium personal markers

Not allowed

  • Atomic or nuclear blast items (such as hot rocks, items from a blast or testing zone, and Trinitite)

  • Items described in a listing or product as radioactive

  • Nuclear materials

  • Radioactive waste or contaminated materials

  • Radium

  • Raw depleted uranium

  • Tritium in large amounts (such as certain types of glow sticks and exit signs)

  • Troxler moisture density gauge


Allowed in some situations

  • Elemental iodine (250 grams or less)

  • Fuel additives, though sellers have to include a health disclaimer and can't make performance claims in their listing or product

  • Iodine solutions (including tinctures of iodine) may be restricted by provincial and federal laws.

Not allowed

  • Asbestos and items containing asbestos, such as collectible gas masks

  • Chloroform products

  • Cyanide products

  • Iodine products

  • Items containing mercury such as thermometers and the following batteries:

    • Alkaline-manganese batteries

    • Mercuric oxide button batteries (button-shaped batteries typically used in vintage camera equipment)

    • Zinc-carbon batteries

  • Items that pose a health or safety hazard as specified by government agencies

  • MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) heaters (see our military items policy for details)

  • The following explosives precursors:

    • Ammonium nitrate

    • Calcium ammonium nitrate

    • Calcium nitrate

    • Hydrogen peroxide above 12% weight by weight

    • Nitric acid

    • Nitromethane

    • Potassium chlorate

    • Potassium nitrate

    • Potassium perchlorate

    • Sodium perchlorate

    • Sulphuric acid

    • Aluminum powder

    • Magnesium powder

    • Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate


For health and safety reasons, we don't allow selling most hazardous materials on eBay. We're also doing our part to comply with federal and provincial reglations and to ensure that eBay users follow all Canada Post shipping guidelines.


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