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Rules & policies

Our policies are designed to create a safe and fair environment for all eBay members. Learning what's allowed can help you avoid unintentionally breaking the rules and helps everyone in working with reliable, trustworthy members.

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There are some items that, due to legal restrictions and other considerations, we don't allow on eBay, or we only allow you to list them under certain conditions. Learn more about prohibited or restricted items.
Before taking action, check your messages in My eBay to confirm that the email is from us.
A suspended account email from eBay explains why we suspended your account, and the steps you can take to resolve the problem. Learn more about suspended accounts and how to tell if an email is really from eBay.
If you buy an item and the seller doesn't receive your payment, the seller can open an unpaid item case.
If you receive a notification about an unpaid item case, it's important to respond quickly. If you don't pay or don't respond to the seller within 2 days, the seller will be able to close the case and we may record an unpaid item on your account.
If you have a reason for not paying, you can appeal the case.

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Trust and Safety tutorials
These interactive tutorials can help you comply with eBay policies, stay safe when buying and selling, and increase your overall knowledge of eBay.

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