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Selling Manager Pro: Uploading products and listing templates from CSV or Excel files

You can upload products and listing templates into Selling Manager Pro from CSV files.

Do I need to upload my inventory data?

You don't need to use CSV files to create products and listing templates for Selling Manager Pro. However, if you already have inventory data in another program, you can save time by uploading the data rather than starting from scratch.

The Selling Manager Pro CSV template files are ideal if:

  • You have 50 to 5,000 inventory items that you want to upload into Selling Manager Pro

  • You already manage inventory in another program, such as Microsoft Excel® or Microsoft Access®

Getting started with CSV templates

  1. Go to the Selling Manager Pro Template page.

    Tip: You can also locate this page from the Summary view of Selling Manager Pro. In Seller Tools section of the page, click the File Management Center link. (If you subscribe to File Exchange, the link will be called File Exchange instead.) Then, click the Selling Manager Pro link.

  2. Review the File Management Center User Guide (PDF).

    You'll learn how to:

    • Choose the right template files for your data.

    • Enter your data into the template files.

    • Check for errors in the data.

    • Import the template files into Selling Manager Pro.

    Tip: The template files are available in both CSV and Excel file formats. If you're new to inventory templates, it's recommended that you start with the Excel format files. These files have more explanatory information than the CSV format files.

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